Inner Authority

Another term for inner authority is “Sovereignty”.  It means you are the king or queen of your castle.  You are self-determining and nobody makes your decisions for you.  You know what you want and what you are willing to sacrifice (pay or compromise) to get what you want.  

Inner authority is not something we’re taught.  In fact, it is discouraged, at least in Canada and likely in North America.  Children are taught to sit down, sit still, behave, be good, be nice.  Very few children actually want to do or be any of these things.  As young adults, we are taught to use our minds, to think, to plan, to decide.  But most of tools we are given are outdated and irrelevant.  I would argue, that using our minds to make decisions, is itself, outdated.  We have better options now, options that bring us into our very hearts.

We can see this lack of inner authority by the amount of repetition we see, everybody repeating the same thing, over and over again.  “We are all in this together”, for example.  I hear these words and I cringe.  Do we really believe that?  Aren’t there still homeless people begging for food, trying to scrape together a little bit just to survive?  Are we, collectively ready and willing to do something for the marginalized?  Don’t most people shut down their hearts in order to walk by, unaffected?  My inner authority dictates to me:  remain open-hearted and don’t believe everything you see or hear, especially when it’s on repeat.  I don’t get it perfect, but I’m not about to base my decisions on what everybody else is doing.  Nor am I going to base my decisions on fear, hatred or greed.  I’m going to take as long as I need to make my choices and nobody has the right to influence me.  That’s my inner sanctum, that’s my inner authority.  It means that I am the only one responsible for my life and that I am fully responsible to deal with every situation in my life, no exceptions.  This is the price of freedom.  This is the price of sovereignty.  

Signs that you have weak inner authority:

  • You find that people get you to do things that you really aren’t up for;
  • You are unsure of what you want;
  • You have a difficult time making decisions;
  • You find others take advantage of you;
  • You have a hard time standing up for yourself;
  • You have difficulty finding your place in life.


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