Guard your state, guard your thoughts

  • Whose idea is it that we blame the closest and easiest target?
  • Blame never ends and there is no logical or even real starting place.
  • Blame is the sentiment behind wars.
  • Blame makes us powerless because it asserts that we were/are victims: helpless and unwitting.

The problem with blame

Blame and self-responsibility are not compatible

I’m seeing a lot of blaming going on right now.  People are blaming unvaccinated people for the cancellation of surgeries and medical treatments and feeling mighty righteous. The unvaccinated are blaming the vaccinated for the their own adverse events and for the loss of our civil liberties, the spiral into totalitarianism and feeling mighty truthful.

Can we please step out of our narrow views for a bit and take a step back, to look at the big picture? Just for a sec, then we can all go back to clinging onto our precious opinions.

Firstly, our premises are flawed.  Everyday people did not cause this pandemic.  The evidence points to this virus being created and released (or escaping) from a lab.  If you really want to point a finger, why is that finger pointing at another regular, mostly (or sort of) innocent civilian that had nothing to do with this?  Where did this whole thing start?  Why choose the most proximate target for the blame?  Whose idea is that?

Blame never ends.  Where this issue really started, cannot be found.  

Is it the fact that we even have these BSL4 virology labs?  Who is to blame for that?  Who wanted those, anyway?

Is it that there was some strange, quickly hidden event that happened at the Winnipeg BSL4 lab?  Who is to blame for that?

Is it that this virus escaped?  Who can be blamed for that (the individual or the lack of systemic safety measures?)

Is it the fact that we live in a complacent society that tolerates these facilities within city limits?

Is it the government for allowing international travellers back into the country without a quarantine early on? 

Is it the media and reporters for telling only half the story and for reporting falsehoods?

Is it our medical establishments for lacking morality and ethics?

Is it politicians for changing the standard and accepted definitions of words to confuse and mislead the public?

Is it medical administrators for promoting crises as a way to get more funding?

The chain of potential guilty wrongdoers goes on forever and includes you, yourself, and me, myself.  I too have been complacent.

One thing that I am certain of, however, is that blame goes nowhere beneficial.  Blame is the sentiment behind all wars.  What else would cause you to (want to) murder another human being?  I assure you, we do not want to go to war against ourselves.  Ask anybody who has lived through a war, they will tell you – avoid this self-destructive and traumatizing measure at all costs.

Blame makes us powerless because it asserts that we were victims, helpless and unwitting.  

So please, drop the blame.  There are many solutions to this issue and they’re all good!  What do you perceive to be the underlying problem to this situation?  Once you know that, you know how to counter it. 

If it’s ignorance, then educate, but be educated yourself, first – meaning be able to argue both sides.  Seeing multiple viewpoints is wisdom.

If it’s fear and hatred, then be loving and compassionate, NO MATTER WHAT.

If it’s complacency, then stand in your conviction, regardless of your comfort of lack thereof.

You hold one of the solutions to this problem.  It’s up to us, all of us, to grow up and solve it for ourselves.   

Now, what are you going to do about it?