The Issues run deep

Until you know who you truly are, your deepest values and your inherent worth and beauty, healing is not complete. 

Trauma doesn’t have to be a major life-changing event.  Sometimes it’s small things, repeated over time that send us a message.  A message that we interpret, make conclusions upon and then assimilate into our life.  These conclusions are never based on a whole view (who has a whole view?) and mislead us into believing that we are powerless, unsupported, don’t belong, are not worthy or are not good enough just as we are.

Children need to be seen and heard and loved for who they are; and yet the family’s role has become to prepare them for society, to teach them to be ‘realistic’, ‘proper’ and ‘acceptable’.  For a young child, not feeling seen, heard or appreciated for their unique selves is extremely devaluing and ungrounding.

There are ways to return to yourself.  You are entitled to support, to unconditional love and to knowing your worth as a unique awareness that has never existed before and will never exist again.  And you deserve a pathway into understanding yourself.  Gaining access to your own power and value will activate profound shifts and resource you from within and without. 

You are not alone, you belong here, you are loved and you deserve to have an extraordinary life.


Dr. Tanya Rampersad

Naturopathic Doctor, Manual Therapist & inner authority Guide


 I have come to see that all chronic conditions have a psycho-spiritual component and it needs to be dealt with if lasting wellness is to be created.

I believe we are magical and powerful.  I know that each human being has the opportunity and resources to be completely well in all aspects of their life: relationships, finances, occupation, environment and health.

These general terms will naturally mean different things to different people.  And that exactly proves my point.  Each of us is unique, has never been before and never will be again;  We have one-of-a-kind perspectives, awareness, desires.  And we have a duty to let ourselves shine as who we truly are.  This true self is naturally full of vitality, health, energy and love.  You have this in you.

What gets in the way?  Our conditioned selves and external influences block our ability to heal ourselves.  We have ideas about ourselves which do not come from us and are flat-out untrue.  And we know that the mind is the most powerful healing tool/technology available! 

There is a pervasive monoculture hypothesis, an unwritten, unspoken rule stating we are supposed to want the same things, be normal, fit in, act in socially defined and acceptable ways.   If we can do this properly, get it just right, then (maybe) we’ll be loved.  But really, what every human being longs for is to be seen and loved for who they truly are.

To account for the discrepancy between what we expected and what we received, we created false conclusions.  These false beliefs embedded themselves in our subconsciousness, often when we  were very young and they’ve stuck around long enough to start expressing their disagreeableness through the body.  

There are countless variations on these false beliefs.  The ideas themselves seem like security but they are an incredible burden that steal our energy and life.  Leaving this burden behind unleashes so many possibilities and our untamable, unstoppable energy.  

Are you ready to be unstoppable? 



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Beyond Thought: 

This six-week program guides you through developing greater body awareness, intuition and learning self trust.  The course lays the groundwork for doing deeper work such as the group program or 1: 1 private sessions.

This self-directed, online program is suitable for individuals who feel they do not have well-developed body awareness, intuition or who have difficulty extracting insight from their situations.  If you feel like you long for the approval of the others for your decisions, this is an excellent place to start.


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Core Empowerment

This six-week program starts clearing conditioning, painful patterns and everything else that is not your true self and helps build a sense of a core self.   You will be supported throughout by Dr. Tanya, ND and a community of incredible individuals with similar challenges.

The group program is suitable for individuals who have learned or who are learning to tune into the information from their bodies.  Parts of the program may be triggering and you are encouraged to work with a counsellor if that is appropriate. 

This program would not be suitable for individuals suffering from acute mental illness or acute trauma as parts of the program may trigger increased discomfort.  

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Private Sessions

Private sessions are available for individuals who live in or frequent Calgary.  In person interaction allows me to perform an in-depth material body assessment, checking organs, the glandular system, the overall energy and dynamics of the energy centres.  I will see past your story because the tissues and presence will tell me what’s going on.  

Seeing you in person also allows me to gently manoeuvre tissues and organs so that your whole body can achieve better alignment.

Private sessions are suitable for individuals who need extra support during the group process, those who have gone through the self-directed program and those who have physical ailments as part of their picture. 

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