The Issues run deep

Supplements can only do so much and certainly are not going to cure issues that are emotional and spiritual in nature.  For these types of difficulties, there are generally no quick fixes (miracles are always a possibility).

While you might be high functioning and doing well on the outside, you probably feel a lack of solidity and sense of your own worth.   You’re ready to do the necessary work, but perhaps you don’t know what that is. 

Beyond symptom resolution, you are entitled to a pathway into your own power, one that will activate profound shifts within and resource you with self-knowledge, passion and resiliency.  You are here for a reason, I would like to help you unleash yourself into the world.


Dr. Tanya Rampersad

Naturopathic Doctor, Manual Therapist & inner authority Guide


When I look at (most) people, I see angelic beings, powerful and beautiful beyond imagination.  I also see how we have been led to believe we are much less than what we are: powerless, disconnected, insufficient, abnormal, not “productive” enough. 

There is this idea that our value lies in our productivity, our net worth and how well we ‘fit in’.  If that were true, we could all be cloned machines and that would be an improvement!

If I could accomplish just one thing in this life, it would be to destroy the poison of delusion; the delusion of not knowing who we really are.  This delusion runs deep, the poison has been there for a long time. 

 My daily privilege is envisioning and working to create a world where each human individual is sovereign and has the courage and opportunity to contribute to our collective, doing the things for which  only they are uniquely energized and equipped.  I believe in this vision.  I believe this reality is far better than we imagine or think is possible.  I believe that this reality is right here, ready, open and waiting for one more person to pass through its doors.  I am rooting for you.


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Beyond Thought: 

This six-week program guides you through developing greater body awareness, intuition and learning self trust.  The course lays the groundwork for doing deeper work such as the group program or 1: 1 private sessions.

This self-directed, online program is suitable for individuals who feel they do not have well-developed body awareness, intuition or who have difficulty extracting insight from their situations.  If you have difficulty making simple decisions such as what to eat for dinner, this is an excellent place to start. 


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Core Empowerment

This six-week program starts clearing conditioning, painful patterns and everything else that is not your true self and helps build a sense of a core self.   You will be supported throughout by Dr. Tanya, ND and a community of incredible individuals with similar challenges.

The group program is suitable for individuals who have learned or who are learning to tune into the information from their bodies.  Parts of the program may be triggering and you are encouraged to work with a counsellor if that is appropriate. 

This program would not be suitable for individuals suffering from acute mental illness or acute trauma as parts of the program will trigger increased discomfort.  

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Private Sessions

Private sessions are available for individuals who live in or frequent Calgary.  In person interaction allows me to perform an in-depth physical exam, assessing organs, the glandular system along with emotional content in the tissues.  I will often prescribe best-fit and low dose medicines that match the energetics and the situation.  Deep and rapid progress can be made in private sessions.  

Private sessions are suitable for individuals who need extra support during the group process, those who have gone through the self-directed program and those who have physical ailments as part of their picture. 

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