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This life is the experience of this life.  It is physical, chemical, mental, spiritual.

Our emotions are experienced through our organs as sensations.  We interpret these sensations and label them after we decide whether they are desirable, undesirable or neutral.  

When we give meaning to experiences, the sharpness of our experience becomes muddled and overwritten by analysis.  Dullness.  Confusion.


When an experience cannot be fully experienced or when there is a non-acceptance of the experience, there will be a residual pattern left in the organ or organs.  Repetition.


Sometimes parts of ourselves split off from conscious awareness during upsetting, disruptive events.  Lost fragments. 

These lost or hidden aspects still sing their song in the background of our lives, but they cannot be accessed consciously.  Something….

This is where listening to body is important.


This information is coded and available, nothing is ever lost.  Even better, the body is self-directing and self-healing – it knows exactly what to do and it wants to do precisely that.  My work therefore is beautifully simple, easy even:  find, ask, support, encourage.  


I am a decoder.  I find and interpret the patterns.  Neutral.  Yet full of love.  I speak truth into superfluous patterns and dispel them.  I encourage dialogue between estranged or warring patterns.  I re-introduce, harmonize and re-align.  I remove what is not you – junk programs.   Sometimes its strictly physical, sometimes its more than that.  

We can use this process for any stage of progress, anywhere along your path.  There is always more.  You always get to be more of who you are and you get to love your life.

Dr. Tanya Rampersad

Naturopathic Doctor, Manual Therapist & Minimalist

I have a unique skill set acquired simply by doing what I love.  By accident, by practice, by trial and fire.  I am not new to this work and it is ever evolving.  Some things on this website will already be out-of-date.

My greatest asset is my sensitivity, which I protect.  So my preference is to work with women.  

I am not everything to everyone; I don’t even have to do that much.  I am precise, accurate, specific.  I am clear, honest and in my authority in this work.


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Private Sessions

Private sessions are available for individuals who live in or frequent Calgary or who are willing to do most of the work virtually (out of town).  

In person visits allow me gently manoeuvre tissues and organs to create better alignment and release emotional conflict embedded in the cellular matrix.  This work is not always necessary, however.

If you do not live in or around Calgary, I will attempt to source somebody who can perform this type manual work for you if that seems appropriate.

A private session is a suitable starting point in order to provide a framework or map for your journey 


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Beyond Thought

This six-week program guides you through developing greater body awareness, intuition and learning self trust.  The course lays the groundwork for doing deeper work such as the group program or 1: 1 private sessions.

This self-directed, online program is suitable for individuals who feel they do not have well-developed body awareness, intuition or who have difficulty extracting insight from their situations.  If you feel like you look for the approval of the others, are not in touch with your emotions or your bodily sensations, this is an excellent place to start.


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Becoming Fearless, becoming yourself

This series starts clearing conditioning, painful patterns and everything else that is not your true self and helps you learn who and what you really are.   You will be supported throughout by Tanya and a community of incredible individuals with similar challenges. 

The group program is suitable for individuals who have learned or who are learning to tune into the information from their bodies.  Parts of the program may be triggering and you are encouraged to work with a counsellor or other therapist if that is appropriate.  

This program would not be suitable for individuals suffering from acute mental illness or acute trauma as parts of the program may trigger increased discomfort.  

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