You’re starting to realize the issues may be much deeper

Supplements don’t seem to make any positive changes.  And the quick fixes just aren’t going to work. You seem to be doing ‘everything right’ on the outside and maybe things appear normal.  But something is not working for you and you’re starting to doubt yourself.  You’re ready to do the necessary work, but just don’t know what that is. 

You need to cut through all the clutter and confusion and find something that will activate profound shifts within.


You need an approach that will help you understand what’s going on beneath the surface

Perhaps you have been to and through a variety of practitioners and have already been to the ‘experts’ and that didn’t work.  It doesn’t mean you cannot be helped, it just means you need to find somebody that understands what’s going on in a different manner.  It means you need to dig deeper.

It has to be about you moving through your issues and eventually becoming a beacon for others and an agent of positive change.  Yes you!  

And if you’ve read this far, this might be where your journey starts to move in a new direction.

Dr. Tanya Rampersad

Naturopathic Doctor & Manual Therapist


I perform emotional-based manual therapy.  I listen to, interpret and help you release the patterns that are housed in your organs and tissues.  For real!

I won’t claim to be an expert in any particular condition and I am not interested in putting you on a bunch or supplements or running a bunch of labs.  I am, however, interested in digging out the emotional content behind your painful, repeating themes.  Maybe it’s missing a life partner, the weight you cannot seem to shed, a gut issue you cannot recover from, perhaps it’s migraines or delayed speech, even anxiety or depression.  

I do not specialize in any of these issues, but I can help you transform them.  I have the capacity to compassionately understand you and your situation and to guide you intelligently towards your most natural state.         


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