My work is all about alignment – physically/mechanically in the body, easing abnormal lines of tension; mentally & emotionally by easing stresses and conflicts.  Generally speaking, the deeper self is usually itself aligned and needs nothing.  It is our outward selves that often need to dig to find accord so that the inside matches the outer.  This is one definition of alignment: what’s inside is the same as what is outside.  What you state as your purpose is how you conduct your life and how you conduct your life is harmonious with what you value most.

Another aspect of alignment relates to effort and energy.  When all our focus, our energies and our efforts are all lining up in the same direction, this is alignment.  The benefit, once in the state, is obvious:  doubt is eliminated, decision-making is easy, our energy is buoyant and joyful.  Energy becomes abundant because it is not frittered away on useless thoughts or endeavours.  Everything you do becomes about sticking to your trajectory.

A useful way of considering alignment is looking at what it takes to get there.  One way of getting there is by stripping away everything that is non-essential and everything that detracts from our full engagement with life.  When the non-essential and non-productive is stripped away, the essential (for you and only you) becomes clear.  When that clarity emerges, then you finally know with certainty, exactly how to conduct yourself, internally and externally.  The other way to get there is by holding fast to what you know is your purpose and what you known are your values.  By searching for what it is that lights you up the most and staying focussed on that one thing no matter what:  No holds barred, no censorship, no justifications and no excuses – you will light up your whole life.

The good news is that when alignment occurs, it is generally easy to maintain because it is very enjoyable.  And once there, it is becomes obvious how important it is to stay true to your authentic self.

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