When to act

You know how sometimes you get an impulse to act?  Maybe it’s quiet because the mechanism is a little rusty and you’re not used to acting quickly.  Maybe you’d rather think about it and decide that it’s safe, the best route or option, really your best use of time.  I’ve had trouble hearing the inspiration, I would say I went so far as to turn the inspiration off.  That was a mistake:  it’s hard to get back and harder to live without it. 

You do know what I’m talking about ~ an irrational or illogical urge might show up, or you suddenly get an idea and want to connect or make contact with somebody, or you have the clear desire to say “no” or stand up for yourself…..And then the conditioning takes over.

The killer of this urge is your rational mind trying to protect yourself.  Fear or anxiety surfaces.  Why would anybody want to put themselves out there?  Admittedly, it’s a fine line between being impulsive and tapping into inspiration.  

Here’s the difference.  Impulsive desires stimulate your ego needs.  Your ego needs? 

  • To feel important  
  • Material desires – stimulation by food, intoxicants, sex.
  • Distinction and separation:  I am separate, special and different.
  • To be admired, to have status.

I would recommend just trying an experiment.  You can always go back to how you currently operate if you don’t like the results.  Why not see what happens when you change your operations?  What have you really got to lose?  If the potential outcomes are disastrous, well that would curb anybody’s impulse.  Most often though, the fear is completely irrational and unfounded.  Follow the fear (or discomfort), it will lead you on to finding your gold.

Try obeying an impulse.  See what happens, see how your attitudes might change, see how you might develop courage.