What is my process?

When people come to see me, we usually start by chatting.  It helps me decide where we need to focus the rest of the initial visit.  Maybe we spend the entire visit talking, more likely I will complete a thorough and subtle physical exam that will let us know how well your systems, organs and glands are functioning.  I like to start treating in the first visit whenever possible.

Usually I start with the physical and mechanical tensions that are preventing healthy movement and function.  We start drilling down deeper in subsequent visits.  Eventually we will start uncovering emotional content in tissues causing restrictions and dysfunction, investigating the emotional regions of the brain, checking for conflicts and energy drainers.  Ultimately, we can connect directly with the intelligence of the body to communicate directly, providing gentle nudges to dispel incorrect premises and liberate fixed patterns.

**It needs to be noted here that I will often ignore the most prominent area of pain.  Please do not be upset with me!  Most often the actual source of pain is not where you feel it.


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