The Process Broken down

 This is a general outline of what you might expect.  Looking for some examples?  Click here.


Initial Visit

Find out about you and your history.

What organs are working well?

What organs or glands are not working well?

What tissue or system is likely affecting you the most?  Treatment typically starts in the initial.

*We start to get to know each other.



What tissue is creating the most imbalance currently?  That’s where we start.

Manual treatments will likely may be employed.

Low dose and simple medicines might be used.

Self-care techniques are often recommended.  Kept simple and easy.

*You have more ease and lightness in your body. 

*You can see things are moving in the right direction.


Practicing Patience

Your body will take over after the treatment and continue making changes.

Compensations for misalignments need to be released.  

You will need time to process and to practice.

*You learn to allow your body to take it’s time.


Digging deeper

We listen for additional lines of tension and tethering and emotional content.  Sometimes we are still working on mechanical tensions depending on your original presenting state.

We work through the emotional patterns together.

*You have greater understanding of what your body is doing and what you’ve buried.


Making Peace with our past

At some point we will likely deal with patterns that we inherited, even if we came from a ‘happy’ family. 

Sometimes we stay close to home, sometimes we move up the family tree.

*This provides a core so you are not constantly/repetitively triggered or reacting to life.

*You can be ‘okay’ through life’s slings and arrows.

*You develop the ability to know what you want, who you are and to advocate for yourself.


Emotional Time Lines and the energetic body

We eventually start dealing the electromagnetic field and our personal emotional history. 

Here we might uncover fractures in the elements of our composition.  Ideally we will bring these parts together.  

*You start seeing the bigger picture and developing a sense of wholeness. 

*Your path starts to make sense.


Walking Your Path

This is typically group work, online,  to help you anchor your life into:

  • Patience;
  • Self responsibility;
  • Body awareness;
  • Decluterring: body, mind, home
  • Honing your internal guidance system;
  • Uncovering your desires;
  • Actualization;
  • Cultivating your awakening.

*You can do group work without having seen me in private.