The Balanced Mind Process



Physical, physiological & biochemical 

The most material causative factors need to be taken care of first.  When I speak of material causative factors, I am referring to the physical body, its physiology and biochemistry.  It’s not always obvious what is causing biochemical and physiological imbalances, however.  But most people will agree, if the chemistry is imbalanced, the mind will be imbalanced as well.  This is where testing, history and physical exam come into play.

Method:  During an initial intake we will narrow down probable physiological and biochemical causes: heavy metals/toxicity, hormonal imbalances, food sensitivities, organ or glandular dysfunction and trauma (inherited, acquired).

Testing is an option to confirm the assessment.

Treatment:  Based upon physical exam and intake findings, treatment may include dietary changes herbal medicines and low dose medicines (homeopathy/drainage), manual therapy and self-care techniques.  Don’t worry, I keep things simple and easy-to-do.

**Outcomes:  You will gain an understanding of the various factors affecting your mental health and be provided with some tools to start making changes at the physiological and biochemical level.  You may be provided with testing options.  

When clearing up the biochemistry and physiology, other issues can also be cleared: e.g. skin, digestion.


Thought Processes & Habits

– Our Inner voices

Here’s the truth – it’s really hard to be physically and mentally balanced and well if you keep tearing yourself down or are pre-occupied with being “perfect” in the eyes of others.  Learning to see the process of how your mind operates can be very empowering.   Learning to identify patterns and their origins can help you gain perspective during difficult states.   This phase is often used intercurrently with phase 3 (see below).

Method:  I’ll take you through some explorations and exercises that will help elucidate mental triggers and mental  patterns and thought processes.  We will unpack and discuss your findings and insights during visits (in-person or virtual).

Treatment:  At this stage, treatment is self-directed and experiential but I will be there to support you, challenge you and to help clarify by providing a mirror to your mind during visits.

**Outcomes – You will gain insight into your mental patterns and have the ability to apply antidotes to difficult mental states.


The FIeld & Ancestral Bodies

– Inherited & Familial Trauma and Conditioning

This stage is where we start digging into fears and false beliefs.  We will find the beliefs underpinning your symptoms and your stance in life.  

Methods:  Strategies include role-playing and being with your body while inviting a new grounded experience or new insight.  

Home practices and exercises will help keep you present to yourself and your body experience.

*Working through this stage may take 2 to 4 sessions. 

** Outcomes – after this stage of therapy you will learn to be compassionate towards your wounding and remain present with yourself, without dissociating or reacting throughout life’s difficulties.  You will gain a sense of strength, resiliency and centeredness.

You will start to reconnect with your intuition and higher guidance.


Issues in the Tissues

Releasing emotional content embedded in the matrix of the tissues is my most sacred art.  There are often so many internal voices and  after dealing with the loudest ones, knowing which ones to follow is not always obvious.  The most important or problematic voices don’t always get heard consciously.  By performing deep somatic manual therapy I will help your body voice its conflict and find its own resolutions.                                                                    

Methods – Somatic manual therapy can only be performed in-person.  By listening to the body, we access the subconscious information which is playing in the background of your life. 

Treatment – Using my hands on body over organs or tissues and gentle, subtle manoeuvres along with questioning and dialoguing to attain resolution of conflict (full or partial).  This is where we make suggestions to the subconscious and see which suggestions result in resolution or change.  After the treatment, you will be encouraged to embody the resolution as a practice.             

 **Outcomes  – Conflict resolution can feel like tissue relaxation and release.  Often there is a sense of lightness and spaciousness after treatments 

Goals of treatment:

     To reduce or eliminate sources of inflammation and toxicity.

     To balance hormones, neurotransmitters and the nervous system.

     To learn and utilize mental hygiene techniques.

     To resolve inherited trauma and become cognizant of conditioning.

     To honour the human body & spirit along with its expression.