• Choose something interesting
  • Keep it easy, short and simple to start.
  • Try to accept everything that shows itself.
  • Try no to be hard or critical of yourself (that’s just more thinking about “you”).
  • Get some quick, easy meditation hacks so you can start having a new experience with meditation

I’ve created some short and easy experiential meditations to get you started so you can actually be interested in and enjoy meditating.  Click below to get your audio-guided meditations delivered.


You may have made some incorrect assumptions

I’ve met people who tell me they “can’t meditate”.  What they usually mean is they can’t quiet their minds.  I’ve got news for you – meditation is not just about quieting the mind.  If you want the benefits of meditation, but know you can’t sit quietly without your brain making you crazy, I’ve got something for you.  Get “Meditations for People Who Can’t Meditate” delivered to your inbox.

  1. Although we can learn to quiet the mind, it is virtually impossible to be absent of thought for any extended amount of time.  In meditation, we accept there will be some (or a lot of) mentation/thinking.  
  2. There are many forms of meditation.  It isn’t just one thing.  You might be thinking there is a right way to meditate properly.  There isn’t, there are just formal postures (lotus position, anyone?)  which you can accept or discard at your discretion.   
  3. Meditation is really just relaxation.  There is very little difference between these two states.  The more you relax, the more you will be able to see your reality.
  4. Ideally meditation is INTERESTING!  Nobody will do anything that is boring and difficult for very long.  Don’t expect that of yourself.  Find something you enjoy – there are so many options.
  5. Meditation is not about self-torture or self-denial.  It’s really about observing what is and accepting it, whatever it is.  I remember having very disturbing, gory, vivid imaginings during one particular retreat.  That too can be part of freeing the mind.
  6. You can meditate walking, standing in line at the grocery store, in a noisy environment, outside, lying down – there are very few, if any, strict and absolute rules.