Ways to work with me

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Beyond Thought

The self-directed, six week, online course, Beyond Thought (more info), provides life-time access through the membership portal.  You will also be supported via the private community Facebook group, Inner Authority.

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Core Empowerment

This six-week program starts clearing conditioning, painful patterns and everything else that is not your true self and helps build a sense of a core.  You will be supported throughout by Dr. Tanya, ND and a community of incredible individuals with similar challenges.  

Group class is small: 4 – 6 people.

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1:1 In-Person or virtual

Initial, in-person – $295 (up to 90 min). 

Regular Follow-up – $189 (up to 60 min).

Virtual Follow-up – $148.50 (up to 45 min)

Virtual Follow-up – $105 (up to 30 min)


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