If we review our lives, we will soon see, that everything we have ever fought against has stayed with us longer and troubled us more than those things that we embraced or accepted.

The war on drugs, the war in Iraq, the war on infections, germs, bugs and other pests – these have all been losing propositions.  We cannot win, we will never win, because in war, there are no winners.  There is only an endless action-reaction pattern, with mounting arsenals and mounting defenses…and mounting casualties.  We are collectively becoming exhausted from such a war.  We cannot out-smart this virus, we cannot control it, we cannot defeat COVID.  And we never will.

Acceptance is a powerful practice.  It asks us to befriend our discomforts and all parts of our lives, especially those parts of ourselves that we dislike or resist.  But if we can put a little effort in this direction, there is so much support, so much providence, that truly magical changes can happen.  

“And viruses are evolutionary, after all; they literally change our DNA, for life.”

there is something to be gained….

I am speaking from a homeopathic perspective and a (w)holistic one when I say that new obstacles & challenges make us smarter and stronger, more evolved.  Having recovered from COVID, I was surprised by the sequelae and for how long they carried on.  Reactive airways?  Heartburn?  Gastritis? Diarrhea?  Months after the infection had passed, in sequence.  Odd.  

At first I resisted the idea – COVID gave me asthma!  And suppressed my coughs, I didn’t like the tight, niggling sensation in my chest.  This cannot be….

And then one day, I said to myself: “Oh well, if that’s what it is, you’ll deal with it.  You’ll live with it.  So what?”.  And I started allowing myself to cough, nothing crazy and it felt good, just short fits of dry coughing.  It lasted two days and then…poof, it just disappeared.  On top of this, I noticed a change in myself, in my emotional development.  I no longer had to be right, or try to get anyone to see my perspective or to correct poor behaviour.  I could just let things be.

Homeopaths have stated for a long-time now that progressing through and surmounting infections takes us through developmental stages and bring us to greater maturity.  And viruses are evolutionary, after all; they literally change our DNA, for life.  You know: herpes, shingles, the common cold.  They’re with us for good.  We can hate them and fight them and waste our energy in the process.  Or can support ourselves with them.

One thing that homeopathy can be very good at is informing and organizing the immune system.  I’m not supposed to say that homeopathy can treat acute infections or prevent infections.  (Hilarious.)  However, I likely can tell you that homeopathy can help you pass through the many phases of COVID sequelae/recovery more easily and gracefully.

If you are going through COVID sequelae, or if you just want to see if a homeopathic nosode might be appropriate for you (and you are a current client), we can book a brief virtual consult to discuss.  Homeopathics ship easily by letter mail.  

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