Raising my rates.  

“My new rates as of December 1st, 2023:

  • $295 initial
  • $197 one-hour follow-up
  • $115 half-hour follow-up
  • Eventually I would like to change these to reflect ‘sessions’ without a fixed time-length.  That should be happening in the next year or two.  

There are deeper shifts behind the change

I’m not for everyone, I’ve really come to see and accept that.  And for those that do come to see me, you know, that I offer something unique.  People generally don’t come to see more for supplement recommendations.  I don’t ask you to come back weekly or twice weekly.  There’s a level of service I offer.  There’s a depth, a contemplation, there’s behind-the-scenes work.  Some clients come once every several years.  Some come a few times per year.  Some come only once in their life.

You will notice that my visits are spacious, that I take my time, there is no revolving door.  You are it, my entire focus, the clock is secondary.  That feels right and good to me.

What doesn’t feel good to me is people trying to use up their benefits and not being willing to pay outside of their benefits.  I get it, you pay into it, you want to maximize it.  But when I value something or need something, I pay for it – no benefits, I just pay.

My pricing is not determined by the limits set by insurance.  If that’s what you’re looking for, then you’re not looking for my unique skill set and viewpoint.

I also see people telling me they can’t afford certain important things but these same people might get their lashes and nails done regularly, drive a fancy vehicle, go on vacation and pay coaches and ‘psychics’ (which I’m not denying).  People choose and spend on what they value.  And honestly nobody can come close to paying me my true value or worth.  But there is a point when I decide it’s not worth it for me.

I am making a decision not to serve those who want generic support and choose me because of convenience.  I choose to serve those who appreciate a multi-faceted, expansive view and who want something tailored precisely to them.  It’s a bespoke service, there are no protocols here, there is no mass-production.

There is cost for that level of service.  There is a cost to me to provide that level of service.  

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