Why Manifesting sometimes doesn’t work

I’m somewhat of an expert on manifesting that doesn’t work.  So why listen to me?  Because like Marie Kondo with tidying-up, I’ve tried everything.  I’ve obsessed, I’ve been dedicated, I’ve given it time ~ oh I’ve given it time, I’ve take action, I’ve waited to be inspired, I’ve meditated, I’ve blissed out.  And I’ve failed and fallen (and cried, the un-relieving kind) so many times that I just wanted to give up, also numerous times (but miraculous couldn’t).  And then, thanks to all that hardship (and more hardship), I gained real insight and learned something that I hope will help you as much as it helped me. 

Yes, manifesting is powerful stuff:  liberating, transformative, joyful, beautiful and awe-inspiring.  But if you’re soul is not on board, forget it!

The Soul

Do you believe you have a soul?  I didn’t for the longest time and this was part of the problem.  I have Buddhist training and the Buddha didn’t talk about a soul, at least not to my knowledge.  Furthermore, NO EVIDENCE.  But, when you get to the point of breaking, you get to the point of being willing to consider anything, even that a soul might exist.  I considered it.  I played with it, I indulged the idea and finally went with it.  My life changed and it will never be the same again.

So, what does the soul have to do with manifesting? 

Your soul is the nuclear plant that fuels manifesting.  If your ego wants something and your soul does not, you are going to be frustrated.  Emphasize the “frustrated”, like it’s being sung by a gospel choir.  Frustration is what your little ego-person does when it doesn’t get its way, and mine too, btw.  It’s an internal temper tantrum because you have NO POWER.  Let that sink in.  You, [fill in your name here], have no power.  But You, your ego-soul-self complex is unimaginably powerful.  Scary-awesome-powerful.

So, what do you do?


Request an audience

Don’t assume your soul isn’t off doing something more interesting, especially if you are not in the habit of listening to it.  You should make a very respectful request that your soul be present and communicate with you.  Here is where you apply all your manifesting know-how.  You may also request additional guides, resources, angels, etc. but it’s your soul that really needs to be with you. 

How do you know if your soul is not with you?


Ask, and Ye shall Receive

Please, please, please, don’t ask for things.  Ask to know what your soul wants.  Ask to know why you have been given this precious, fleeting life.  This life that is not just for you, but for your soul also.  If you refuse to listen, your soul can wait it out until your just plain dead.  And be a considerate listener.  Don’t ask and then start telling your soul all the things you want [that’s rude].  Ask and be quiet, listen with you heart and with your ears.  Listen intently, like you’re trying to hear the faintest whisper in a noisy room.

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You might have to keep asking and listening for quite some time.  Your soul is not at your beck and call, but mostly it is willing to cooperate with you.  It also has to wait for you to be ready to hear/receive its message.  Surrendering can take a long time.  The ego has a death-grip on control and it will not give up easily.  Keep at it.  A nice meditative object or mantra is “let it go, let it go, let it go”.

Learn to listen


Rejoice, Give praise, Appreciate

Be thankful that your soul is willing to work with you.  Be grateful that you now know how to lead a richer, more rewarding life.  Appreciate those circumstances that are working in your favour.  It only counts if you really, truly feel appreciation.  If you cannot find anything to appreciate, give your mind the task of finding something for which you actually are appreciative.  And then actually feel it.  More will come, it gets easier and more enjoyable all the time.  The best part…it feels GREAT!

How to appreciate when you’re in a low mood?


Be Willing to try things, without knowing the outcomes

If you are lucky enough to receive an impulse/inspiration to action, act on it.  You have no idea how powerful all of your choices are.  One small act, done in “faith”, can have life-changing effects.  The universe is huge and unfathomable, we cannot understand how things work, but we can participate in the dance by acting without knowing the  outcomes.  This takes real courage.  While you are waiting for your inspiration, keep in mind this prayer/thought, given to me by someone I respect:

What do I need to do to prepare my courage, my integrity and moral compass, my ability to see truth vs. distraction, so that when the time does come, I act without hesitation?



THERE IS ONE MORE important thing…

This topic is worthy of its own post, however.  Here’s the link.

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