Liberate yourself from patterns so you can be the person you were meant to be.

I truly believe that everything we need to know, every wisdom, satisfaction and joy can be found by being fully present with our bodies.  

I have been called a Body Whisperer and an Organ Whisperer.  My job is simple – find the areas of the body that are in fixed emotional patterns or attitudes and release them.  Sometimes I just release organs and provide a helpful repositioning (e.g. correcting hiatal hernias, or re-positioning a tilted or retroverted uterus).  Other times we might just talk, find triggers/reaction patterns and assist with resolution.  I teach body awareness,  patience, investigation and I offer guidance and insight so your life will make more sense and you can be more free.

Ultimately my goal is to contribute to an awakened, spiritually-connected, open-hearted human collective by liberating individuals from their painful patterns (their shackles).  This is our natural evolution.

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Dr. Tanya Rampersad, ND

Naturopathic Doctor & Manual Therapist

I am a licensed Naturopathic Doctor practicing in Calgary, with over 17 years of clinical experience – I have spent time dealing with hormones, weight loss and fertility but my real strength is in finding and helping to release the painful fixed patterns playing in the subconscious that impose themselves onto the individual.  Btw hormonal imbalance, weight loss and fertility will all respond to this method.

my story:  The fight

From a very early age I had the sense of not really wanting to be in this place, this time, with this body.  I felt like I hadn’t agreed to it, somehow and I really didn’t like it – I longed to fly away,  leave everything and just be free.  I remember lying in bed as a four year old, thinking about the infiniteness of space and wondering how I could be reunited with its sacred depths, wondering about my soul.

Growing up in Winnipeg, I had no guide to help me and slowly I became acclimatized, conditioned and begrudgingly came to accept that this was life: torment, bullying, meanness.  But in my dreams I was constantly trying to resolve the spiritual and material aspects of my life that seemed separate and incongruous.  I was deeply unhappy.  I regularly shook my fist at the divine creator of all things.  I wanted something else and I wasn’t getting it.

One day, out of the blue, a thought occurred to me:  maybe I can actually just be happy.  Instantly a rash broke out on my hands (and it stayed for 17 years!).  But something had subtly shifted, I knew I had some kind of choice.

I had a spiritual awakening at the age of 19 years old, I didn’t leave the planet, or astral travel or anything like that, but I KNEW (and this was not intellectual but direct knowing) that there was divinity embedded in the being, not just my being, but all beings.  I was able to communicated with animals, even bugs, the clouds, all life.  Healing energy flowed through my hands by allowing/requesting the divine to flow through me.  This was such a great honour for me and a joy beyond words. 

But everything changes and my life took a few twists and turns, I WANTED something else.   Eventually I was called to become a naturopathic doctor.  I didn’t want to go back to university, but I did anyway.  I learned the science of medicine and the many alternative pathways to health, most of these pathways somehow fell short of my ideals, because I knew that it is soul, that divine light that ultimately heals and that true healing is magical.  We didn’t talk about magic in university and I felt my attitude was somehow unacceptable and I buried it, training myself to think as a ‘professional’.

I had another type awakening a few years after graduating from Naturopathic Medicine.  I had undertaken Buddhist training and Samadhi was the natural consequence.  Samadhi is quite lovely, it’s like being 1 1/2 years old again and everything is new, shiny and interesting.  This is the natural state of the mind, fyi.  Over the years I was also granted insights into suffering, self-referencing, no-self, beginingless time, oneness, clarity, insanity/groundlessness (more fun than you’d imagine and probably not the correct naming) and emptiness. 

Don’t ask, these experiences can’t be explained! 

I have encountered celestial beings and even a buddha.  I have come to the conclusion that there is a lot that we don’t understand and that cannot be explained and that life can be magical.  (And no, I am NOT an enlightened being, whatever that means.)

More bumps and bruises, some life-crushing disappointments, more forgetting, more raging against my life and eventually purposelessness and what can only be called the dark night of the soul (it lasts much, much, MUCH longer than one night, btw).  And I have to face my own darkness, pettiness and depravity.  I am forced to realize that everything that is outside myself is also inside myself.  No more blaming, no more wishing, no more justifying.  Only setting to work, ceasing the creation of the endless cycles of suffering.  Only finding my own distinct path, voice and truest nature.  Only taking full responsibility for and allowing/accepting every situation in my life and giving up the endless fight.  There simply is no more energy for the fight.  I am the boxer who has worn themselves down throwing punches the air.  I have been defeated.   This process takes considerable time and demands patience – it extracts patience.  Thus I have finally, at long last, started to develop patience.  And this has been my path, laid out in some form, still a work in progress.

I am here only to help the world evolve, I am here only to selfishly fulfill my purpose.  I hope to inspire other to do the same.

I invite you also to selfishly fulfill your purpose.

About You

you should be willing to embrace:


  • Commitment to positive, evolutionary change;
  • A sincere desire to align with your deeper self;
  • An open mind;
  • A sense of your responsibility to yourself;
  • An understanding of process; we are not offering quick fixes, but deep and lasting change.