Is your soul with you?


You soul is multidimensional

It’s kind of hard to fathom or imagine.  When I first came into contact with this teaching, which I can’t really, truly understand (who can?), I had to sleep for a really long time to process it.  What does that mean, multidimensional?

Well – for starters, your soul is not limited to one place and time, it can be in many places and many times all at once.  It might be (probably is) living other lives and the soul might not be a single entity or unity – it might be a constellation of universal qualities that come together temporarily to have an experience.  Those universal qualities live with or without you, and can exist everywhere and every-time at once and in different combinations.  You and I, we are likely not the centre of our soul’s universe, but we are important, because we (you and I) are the ones that make choices in this life and we have something to express.  And we can help our souls fulfill their purpose and help it have a more enjoyable ride.  Your actions and decisions count.

I consider the soul to be the animating force of the body, the light that fuels the cells and actually makes them alive.  To me, there is no separation between the body and the soul.  But there might be areas where the soul is less present (think of being squeezed out).  These are the tight areas, regions that are blocked off and that eventually stagnate and become diseased.  Why would an area be blocked off?  This is where our choice comes in.  

Generally speaking we try to avoid pain.  When something is very painful, emotionally or physically we tend to ignore it, block it, tune it out.  But these painful areas are probably the most interesting and invigorating places upon which we can place our attention.  Here’s the take-home message: those problematic areas, those pains (not always where the sensation lives) are where our imagined and unhelpful constructs live.  These are the constructs not founded in truthfulness and alignment.  The pain is our signal that whatever exists there does not resonate and the living part of our material body is having a conflict with that particular pattern, attitude or belief.  And our response?  Generally we turn it off, ignore it and pretend its not there so we can go back to being PRODUCTIVE.  

When your soul is not engaged in your life (i.e. your life and decisions are based on thinking), your life loses it’s meaning.  It starts to feel like you’re going through the motions, there is a distinct lack of joyfulness and satisfaction.  You might have everything you need materially, even socially, but it’s not satisfying.  Because you’re not feeding your soul, there’s disconnect.  I’ve been there, it’s not pleasant and it’s a hard place to come back from.  

If you’re lucky, your soul will provide guidance.  If you’re not lucky, it’s because you’re probably not listening.  If you persist in not listening, you may have to contend with an empty and unsatisfying life.  

What feeds your soul?  

  • Your honest experience.  There are many parts to this.  To keep it simple, we often have ideas about what is acceptable, to us and society.  What is not accepted gets pushed down and denied.  We block it out – at first this is emotional, but it later becomes a physical, neurological block.  Parts of us go numb.  We go numb.
  • Would you believe your pain feeds your soul?  It has come for the experience, it has no problem with pain.  You and I often have a problem with pain and discomfort.    I have encountered souls with attitude:  “So what? Doesn’t bother me.”. 
  • Daydreaming.  It only counts if it’s free, unfettered dreaming, not catastrophizing or trying to manipulate an outcome.  You know what I mean.  I’m talking about exploration, that which feels like you’re venturing into new and exciting territory.  Why bother?  I can’t have what I truly want?
  • Giving yourself freedom.  I mean freedom from the judgements, which ultimately come from society and conditioning.  Your mind is just a receiver for thoughts (which just exist in space), who cares if you tune into a “disturbing” thought, who cares if you watch a film on the zombie apocalypse?  It’s okay, it’s not a reflection of your true self.  Our expectation of ourselves to meet approval from society ultimately stifles us and our communication with our souls.

**As a special note – we don’t learn anything new by sticking with what is known.  And the person who believes they know everything  is also the person who can’t learn anything.  We can’t advance any science or exploration by believing that everything is known and that we should stick within acceptable guidelines.  Being acceptable is a noose around an otherwise perfectly joyful life.

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