Beyond Thought is a six-week program that guides you through developing greater body awareness, intuition and learning self trust.  The course lays the groundwork for doing deeper work such as learning to live by your inner light (inner authority).

This self-directed, online program is suitable for individuals who feel they do not have well-developed body awareness, intuition or who have difficulty extracting insights from their situations.  If you lack confidence in yourself, have difficulty making decisions or find that you get taken advantage of, this is a great place to start.


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Your body is your source of instinct and intuition and has its own intelligence ~ through it we feel the richness of our lives.  

Dr. Tanya, ND 

About developing body awareness

Your body is much more than a machine that takes you from place to place or a mere vehicle that needs food, water and air in order to support your thinking self.  Very, very few people were born to just “think” – we were born to experience.  Your body is made of the fabric or your spirit and your mind.  Your body is your source of instinct and intuition and it has its own intelligence ~ through it we FEEL our lives, in all its richness.

In order to know ourselves fully, we must be anchored into our bodies.  As long as we disengage and disconnect from our bodies, we are not fully present and we lose access to the valuable information that it provides.

In this self-directed course we will be building one of the pillars of Inner Authority:  Body Awareness.  We cannot know our whole self or feel confident about our decisions by using the rational mind alone.  We all know where this goes:  around in circles, full of insecurity, tied up in knots.  Getting in touch with what your body wants can make all the difference.  

This course is six weeks.  Every week a new module will be unlocked for you but feel free to go at your own pace.  This course is experiential,  not academic, so it will require a certain amount of time to integrate.  The lessons build upon one another and ideally participants will continue practicing/embodying new skills and ways of being as they learn them.

As it is self-directed, there will not be live classes or personal advice provided.  You are, however, welcome to join the moderated Facebook Group:  Inner Authority and receive support from other individuals on a similar path.  I will be checking in regularly to make sure things are running smoothly.

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Dr. Tanya Rampersad, ND

Soul Whisperer, CEO | Inner Authority



Six weeks to greater clarity and insight




Module 1

Key Concepts, Themes and Overview


Understand more deeply why body awareness is so important and what gets in the way.

Module 2

Utilizing Movement


You will be guided through exercises that anchor your awareness into your body.

You will start uncovering “hidden” areas.

Discover where in your body your authority resides. 


Module 3



Finally, learn how to utilize the diaphragm and accessory muscles properly.

Learn how to develop a delightful ease in breathing.

This module is key to learning to master your mind and emotions.

Module 4

The Body of Breath


Learn how to balance your nervous system.

Find and learn to release blockages in the abdomen.

Lean how to unlock your spine and raise your energy.

Discover the connection between emotional states and the breath

Module 5

Making Decisions


You will have the tools to determine for yourself which foods are most appropriate for you.

The easiest (and most scientific) way to change your habits (*hint* it’s not willpower).

Learn some routines for self-actualizing, creative powerhouses.


Module 6

Living Your Extraordinary Life


Learn to trust your body’s intelligence and ability to navigate your life.

Learn to RELAX, allowing the mind and body to perform their natural functions.

Uncover your learning and receiving style.