Visceral and Neuromeningeal Manipulation (VM & VM)


I was recently asked how a naturopathic doctor could be using body work (visceral manipulation) to treat deep underlying issues.


The training I have received is directly from the work of Jean-Pierre Barral, the French osteopath and founder of the body of work known as Visceral and Neuromenigeal Manipulation.  But Visceral and Neuromeningeal Manipulation (VM and NM) is a mouthful, so I’m just calling it “bodywork”. 

What I love about this bodywork: it is precise; it is gentle and minimal; it is profound and has lasting positive effects.  It takes years of practice and experience to master the techniques, so it is challenging and always interesting.  Thankfully,  I’ve been practicing VM & NM for over 17 years now, so I feel competent and confident with the system.  I use these same techniques to assess how well various tissues are functioning, how the organs are positioned (if they move) and how well various systems are coordinating.  These techniques allow me to provide a very thorough and in-depth physical exam.

Treating the Body-Mind-Emotions

The advanced training includes brain and emotional interpretation, releasing and encouragement.  Once I became comfortable with perceiving and interpreting the emotional content “in the brain”, I started to pick up on the emotional patterns that were expressing themselves in the tissues.  These are just as important as those found in the cranium and can have a profound affect on health.

The physical body is the basis of the work and provides access to all the other information.  The body never lies (in essence) and I find that it is a reliable conduit of accurate information.

I do not treat muscles because there is a whole world of talented professionals that do that type of work.  Likewise, I do not crack joints, like a chiropractor might.



Why treat deeply?

VM and NM are useful for the following reasons

Accidents jar the organs and their ligaments, affecting you deeply.

Emotional fixations affect the functioning of organs and glands.

organs hang off the spine and ribs.

treating deeply allows me to treat minimally.

Malpositioning of organs affects total body alignment.

conditions in the body are reflections of deeper processes.