Private sessions are more individualized and personalized than the self-directed or group courses.  In an in-person visit, I practice naturopathic medicine.

My treatments are both physical, emotional and sometimes spiritual in nature.  And sometimes unconventional.  If you are considering visiting me in person, the most important question to answer is:  “How open am I?”.  The more open you are, the more willing you are to heal.  It’s that simple.  If you will only accept certain modalities or certain techniques or certain ideas, you are in reality telling yourself:  “I am only willing to heal under these conditions…” and your mind, which is not in its full state of wellness, defines the parameters. 

To be fully willing, means accepting that you don’t have the answers and perhaps don’t even know where to look for the answers.  If you did have the answers, you wouldn’t be looking for a solution. 

One issue is that people think they’re open when they’re really not.  If you want studies showing the effectiveness for everything done or recommended, then I am not for you.  I think of each client as a one-of-a-kind, never-to-be-repeated individual.  There are zero studies on those.  And I do not know ahead of time, except in the most general senses, what I will do in any visit.  I don’t know ahead of time if I will be interpreting the voice of your tissues, disarming a spiritual parasite or using sacred sound.

My goal is take you through a process that will help clear your mind and body so they can stand in their natural clarity and health.  This process:

  • Identifying physical causes (digestion, food sensitivities, toxicities);
  • Identifying mental patterns and habits;
  • Unearthing trauma & inherited trauma;
  • Releasing emotional and spiritual conflicts or patterns stored in the bodily tissues.

Once you go through this process, you will definitely feel better, more like your natural self.


Dr. Tanya Rampersad, ND

Naturopathic Doctor | Manual Therapist

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