To Become Yourself

To become yourself, you must know and accept yourself, as you are.  You must acknowledge and accept all your mistakes, all your deficiencies, all your defects.  You must love that you are like no other.  And you must know that you create and are fully responsible for your life.  

To Become Fearless, To become yourself                                            

I prefer to work starting from the deeper levels and advancing to the more superficial levels.  The deeper levels relate to the interface between the soul or consciousness, the living part of you that is actually derived from the Divine Consciousness and the ego (the pretend self).  The more superficial levels relate to daily rhythms and habits, and biochemistry.

By working inside-out – we address the causes of addictions and unhelpful habits first before trying to change those habits that we developed while under the influence of avoidant mind states.

“I believe that you have all the information you seek within yourself.  You are the expert on being you.  And your body records your history, your needs, your fears & your desires.  My job is to bring this awareness to the surface and to sometimes help with interpretation.”

Tanya Rampersad

 Naturopathic Doctor

Working Inside-Out

Below is a description of the experiential group workshops that are being made available.  It is strongly recommended that you start with “01 – To Become Fearless” as the modules build on one another.  The first module goes deep so that what follows becomes much easier.


To Become Fearless

To become fearless, you need to face your fears.  To face your fears, you must know your fears.  To know your fears, you must be in close connection with the focal point of your awareness, your body. 

In this module, we are going to dive into the deep end.  We are going to identify our most pressing fear(s) and work with them so they lose any power they may have over us.  When you are through this process, what will remain will be excited and joyful anticipation.  You will also have a better connection to your body and thus have more access to your instinct and intuition.

  • Single sessions
  • 1.5 to 2 hours
  • $150
  • For a limited time, this module is being offered for $50.


To Become Honest

To become honest, you must be dedicated to knowing what is true.  You must face your fears and then actually want to know the truth for yourself.  To want to know the truth, you must be willing to ask every question and listen for any answer, no matter what that answer may be.

This workshop builds on To Become Fearless and consists of:

  • One short preparatory session or preparation on your own,
  • One single session.
  • 1 to 1.5 hours, plus preparation beforehand.
  • $125


To Become Responsible

To be responsible means you understand that you create your life. You created it as it is now and you create how it will be tomorrow. To be a responsible creator you must know how to align your habits with your desires. 

This module focusses on habits, how to create better micro habits that bring you closer to your goals.  We will also discern which goals and habits are worth focusing on immediately. 

The practice of strengthening our relationship to our bodies and learning how our essence communicates with us will be deepened.  Outdated myths and beliefs that do not serve any purpose will be replaced with more accurate, more empowering knowledge.

  •  Three sessions, each session consists of:
    • a short training;
    • a review of successes or insights gained (after the first session); 
    • time for planning implementation and sharing ideas;
    • time for reworking if necessary.
  • $175


To Become Clear

To become clear, you must eliminate the dross, the defilements, the poisons, the distractions.  To become clear you must love yourself enough to only partake in the wholesome.
This module is about working with the biological body and neural pathways – restoring the biochemistry, clearing toxins, removing distractions and refining your mental habits.  In short, it’s a detox for your body and your mind, but you decide what you will avoid and what you will allow.  This module builds on and amplifies your efforts from the previous module.
  • One short preparatory session;
  • Four weekly check-ins, group support & encouragement, strategy sharing, meal and snack ideas;
  • One closing and reflection session and celebration.
  • $95