Why Naturopathic Doctors Get Results – 5 Reasons


5.  Time.  Yes, we may be busy, but we will take the time to listen to your concerns,connect with you, examine your situation, think about a plan of action and consider options in your favour.

4.  Thoroughness.  We don’t get pressured to save medical tax dollars, so we can order more comprehensive tests, and we can investigate issues more thoroughly. This goes for physical exam as well.

3.  Collaboration.  Naturopathic Doctors are used to and welcome a collaborative approach to your health care.  That means we are happy when you get a second or third opinion and get options from other experts.  We will work well with your other health care providers (if you want us to).

2. Individualized.  Naturopathic treatment plans are generally designed specifically for you and your individual biochemistry and genetics.  Your condition or diagnosis is not the only object of interest.  And because you’re not the same as anybody else, you will be treated differently from everybody else.  You’re special, you deserve it.

1. Comprehensive.  ND’s are trained to be wholistic practitioners, meaning we will look at your case from many angles, taking all parts into consideration.  Ideally we will find a plan that will help you blossom, improve and grow in many ways at once.

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