What Dr Tanya N.D’s clients have said about her:

I suffered from hay fever for several years, particularly during the spring and summer.  Dr Tanya N.D helped me greatly with a natural formula that was gentle on my body.  Much appreciated!

– Cara Conroy-Low, Calgary

My back would go out on a regular basis for days on end and nothing I had tried really ever made it any better.  I was in for a visit with Dr. Tanya and she told me that my right kidney was low and that was likely causing the problem.  She fixed the kidney in one visit and I had relief from my back pain immediately.  She also told me what was contributing to the problem so now it doesn’t go out nearly as often and if it does, a quit visit will fix the situation.   I am thoroughly impressed by her skills and competence.  Thank you!

– Peter L, Calgary

The day after my initial exam and organ corrections I played my best game of golf ever, taking off 5 points.  I felt way more fluid and I’m certain the reason for the improvement was the gentle and relaxing treatment that Dr. Tanya gave me.  Don’t tell your golf opponents.

– Doug, Calgary

After having twins, my body was not what it used to be and I had not lost my baby weight.  Dr. Tanya helped to put things back in place (amazing!) and I lost a whopping seventeen inches (total) using the Zerona lipolaser.

– Eileen M, Calgary