Lab Tests

Lab tests can help verify assessments as well as helping with diagnosis and maintaining high level wellness.

Food Sensitivity Testing

Helps determine which foods should be avoided for optimal health.  These tests are designed to identify delayed and prolonged immune reactions to foods that can affect digestion, energy, mood, mental focus, skin and weight.

Heavy Metal Testing

Helps determine if heavy metals are a major impediment to health regeneration or may soon become an issue.  If heavy metals appear to be a causing health or weight issues, an appropriate and gentle detoxification program will help recovery and prevent negative consequences.

Hormonal Testing (salivary) 

Salivary hormone testing is an accurate method for determining body/tissue levels of  various active hormones.  Levels of cortisol, estrogen, progesterone, testosterone and DHEA-S can help determine reasons for irregularities in menstrual cycles, low libido, fertility and weight issues.  The most appropriate testing will be chosen for you.

Standard Lab Tests 

Routine blood work can be ordered and obtained and can help with assessing progress and verifying conditions.

Genetic MTHFR


Neurotransmitter Testing