A few examples

The process is generally the same for any condition, just the specifics may be different.  Generally, we start with the mechanical and physiological aspects of the organs, glands or tissues, then as we progress we move deeper into the emotional and inherited patterns that are fixed within the cellular matrix of the organs/tissues.  This is when the deeper work starts: the work of unearthing, harmonizing and releasing the fixed patterns; and the work you do for yourself of recognizing and ceasing to re-create the patterns that comprise “you”.  

Ultimately we want to get you to a place of greater alignment (inner self and outer self), authority, realization and clarity.  I would like to see people for a period of nine to 12 months in order to move through the physical and then the psycho-emotional realms.  Often after a dysfunctional pattern is released, profound interest is evoked.  Interest is wholesome and leads to greater awareness and expansion, interest is what draws us out from our shells.  This is the body’s own intelligence becoming captivated by the process of freeing itself from entanglements.  And it is as natural as breathing.

My larger vision is to help people evolve, expand their ideas of themselves and what they need, to help us all wake up and move into our next evolutionary phase.  

The Cranium, brain and nervous system

There are several situations when brain and nervous system work is required.  These include:  anytime there is a pull into emotional body, when there is an obvious mechanical tension or misalignment within the cranium and when progression is halted.  Sometimes I work with the brain and nervous system to reconnect tissues or organs that have been “cut-off” from recognition by the nervous system. 

Delayed speech in youngsters can respond beautifully to brain work as can issues that arise after a head trauma or concussion.  I rarely work “only the brain”, it is generally integrated into the other work that is in process.

The cranium houses the emotional history of the person and provides a glimpse into their relationship with themselves (their inner self and sometimes soul-self) and their relationship with the outer world: roles, responsibilities and relationships.  These two areas relate to each other in various ways and catching a glimpse helps us see where fixations or unhelpful patterns exist.  

Please note, I do not work with the immediate after-effects of brain trauma or concussion.  I can serve better after the trauma phase is over and a distinct pattern has settled in.


Here is what you need to know about most pain:  where you perceive the pain is usually not where the issue is.  Even diagnoses can be misleading.  Tendonitis, for example can be alleviated by working with the nerves in many cases,, as can “plantar fasciitis”.  The pain from bunions can often be traced up into the lower abdomen while knee and back pain might be from one of the kidneys.


I love helping women get pregnant and I have great success in this area, mostly because this function really is designed to “just work’.  And yes, I did say “women”; men need to be checked also, and I can certainly perform a physical exam that can uncover imbalances and issues but testing and supplementation is best left to somebody else.  I will use low-dose medicines for balancing the endocrine system in women and these are perfectly safe to use before and if/when pregnancy is achieved.

What I look for in fertility issues:

  • Positioning and density of the uterus.  The uterus needs to both expand and contract to do its job properly.  A dense uterus that does not expand properly will disallow implantation.  A retroverted or retroflexed uterus, likewise, might be suffering from an adhesion that prevents it from expanding properly.  A uterus with excessive torsion might not be able to maintain or hold a pregnancy properly.  
  • Emotional traumas from ages 11 to 17 often land in the uterus as do emotional patterns from terminations of pregnancies.  These can both cause excess density of uterine tissue that can prevent implantation.
  • Coordination of the endocrine system:  hypothalamus, pituitary, thyroid, adrenals and ovaries.  These should all be working fairly normally in order to achieve and maintain a pregnancy.
  • Stress and anxiety can be great hindrances in the attempt to become pregnant.  Here is where we might use some deeper brain work or releasing of inherited patterns.

Resistant Weight loss

I have been helping clients with resistant weight issues for a long time.

There are specific things I look for when assessing resistant weight:  hormonal balance, liver and gallbladder function, inflammation, gut function, mental health and stress.   

I’m in the process of developing an online program to help even more clients shift their health, weight and life enjoyment for the better.  For more information, click here:  Profoundly Simple.



example – fertility

Most people that come to me will have already had a work-up, they will know what the issues or that nothing significant could be found.  In both cases, I need to investigate and come up with my own findings and assessment because I look at things quite differently. 

“Judy”  worked as a team leader and was able to handle a lot of job stress, she loved her job and had a “great life” however, she was having difficulty conceiving.  She had been trying for 3 years to get pregnant and had even gone through two rounds of IVF and had seen an acupuncturist who focused on fertility.  In “Judy’s” case, I discovered that she had an abortion 10 years ago.   She hadn’t thought much about it afterwards, but we know that terminations have long-lasting emotional implications, even when and especially when the emotional impact of the situation is denied or ignored. 

The physical exam showed her uterus was tilted and retroverted (bending back instead of forward), that one of the ovaries was held and that there was a thyroid-pituitary-hypothalamus irregularity.   Tuning into the pituitary allowed me to see that the hypothalamus was over-exerting its influence, affecting both the pituitary and thyroid.  As it turns out, anxiety has been a significant issue for Judy and a subtle method of testing found a specific medicine that address the hypothalamus and calms anxiety at the same time.   This medicine helped normalize the pituitary and thyroid on the spot.  Match!

In that first visit I also worked on a release between the uterus and the ovary to start bringing the uterus into better alignment.

The next visit, 4 weeks later, we started going deeper.  I checked Judy’s emotional timeline – there were things that set her off course early in her life, in fact, she suffered a psychic split when her family moved from their small town of 1000 people to the big city.  It was as if her feminine side had lost itself and had no support, while her masculine side took charge and completely forgot about the feminine.  Looking into the emotional zone I could see that her relationship with her inner being was lacking, something like being a beige wall and that her relational aspect was over-stuffed, like being inside Santa’s bag of gifts; Lots of good things, but no space.

That visit we worked on conjoining to the split aspects of her psyche and it was if a beautiful, loving reunion had taken place.  Of course, because of the patterns of the personality, this new integration had to be nurtured and supported, so I provided homework that would help Judy recognize her very valuable feminine side and have it play its important role in her life.

I also noted that while her hypothalamus, pituitary and thyroid were more balanced, they were a bit slow.  So after doing a subtle assessment of a few medicines I prescribed one low dose gentle medicine to strengthen and speed up both the thyroid and adrenals.

The third visit also a month later, we started delving into the patterns held in the tissues.  There was still an issue with the uterine positioning, and the tissue was still very dense, it didn’t expand well at all.  So I listened to the pattern of the tissues.  What it showed me was that the lower body and cervical area of the uterus was repeatedly saying “No”.  No, no, no, no, no, no, no”, as if it was stuck shaking its head, negating something, denying something.  This is one of the patterns of unresolved trauma and I knew what that trauma was – the previous abortion.  There was also another tissue that related to this pattern, but it presented a much more supportive role, it was calm and patient and loving.  It was like a mother coaxing the uterus out of its shock.  I simply encouraged the uterus to relax, to breath and helped the mother-presence to perform its role and the uterus relaxed, released and opened up.  I did a bit more work to help the uterus position and the uterus developed the attitude of interest.  We had woken it up and it was ready to start a new journey.  

In the fourth visit we dealt with Judy’s relationship with her mother and also her relationship with her terminated baby.  This was not a manual session, but we talked and did some role-playing which helped move Judy through the things she was trying to avoid.  But by the end of the session she felt more present, calm, centered.  

During the fifth visit I assessed the regions of her body that were held and not “breathing” and we did some experiential exercises to change that and provided homework.

After that, Judy got pregnant and she carried the baby to term and had a beautiful, healthy girl!