Some Things I Treat

People are usually surprised at what can be treated manually.  Actually any condition can be treated manually, it’s the individual clients themselves, our interaction and a little something special that allows for good results.  This is just a short list of things you might not expect would have simple, gentle, non-invasive solutions.  I do treat many other common conditions, I’ve just selected the uncommon ones here. 

Really, good results come about not from specific medicines or specialization but from a positive, therapeutic relationship (that, funnily enough is not results driven**).   Not sure if it’s right for you?  Check out the About page and read “About You”.  Chances are, if you’ve been checking this site out, you already know if we’re a good fit or not.

Hiatal hernias

I have reduced thousands of hiatal hernias.  People always ask, do I need to keep coming back?  The answer is that you should NOT have to repeatedly have your hiatal corrected.  If you do, there is some other issue that needs to be addressed.

The brain and nervous system

There are many ways to treat the brain and the nervous system.  I employ many methods, including manual techniques.  Concussions and brain injuries of various kinds, including emotional trauma can all respond well to neuromeningeal manipulation.


Yes, bunions!  As with any condition, a proper assessment is needed, however with bunions the issues are often related to a few easily treatable causes: lower abdominal tension and tethering, nerve tension, bony matrix tension or distortion.  Often mobility and pain is improved after a single treatment.

Uterus and Bladder

The position of the uterus and bladder have a big impact on so many things: incontinence, menstrual pain, fertility, hip pain, back pain, bowel movements.  And these organs respond nicely to manipulation – it’s an easy, pleasant treatment that can improve quality of life.

**What the heck am I talking about?

Being results-driven, does not bring about good results?

Hold on there…  So many businesses promote being results driven! Why would anyone book an appointment if they didn’t expect to get good results?  You may be interested in following me on Instagram and watching a few short videos.  But I will give you the answer here also:  focus is the answer.  Focus hones in on something specific by excluding other possibilities.  Focus is not open, does not make room for something new and is generally rigid and fixed.  Focussing upon symptoms and trying to force them to go is like proclaiming over a megaphone that nobody should ever think about purple hippos.  Full recovery does not happen like this.  Recovery means being open to new information, new ways of processing and new ways of being; it is the process of letting something go and allowing something new.  Focus keeps what is unwanted in direct, unwavering view.  And you simply cannot recover by focussing on symptoms and asking someone else to make them go away. 

Recovery is the process of letting something go and allowing something new.