Visceral Manipulation: Organ Assessment and Correction

Visceral manipulation is a method for assessing organ position, movement and function.  Bones, ligaments and connective tissue sheaths can also be assessed using this same method.  The subtle movements or breathing of the various internal can be detected by gentle palpation.  The movements help assess the degree of health and function of the organ or gland.  When combined with clinical experience, this type of physical exam, which looks for optimal function, rather than disease, helps determine the cause of particular issues.

Corrections are gentle and relaxing, much like receiving a massage but for your internal organs.  When organs are moving better, they function better and work in better harmony with the other connected organs.  Treating only one organ can have a very positive ripple effect on your whole system.

Consider the following connections:

  • Gallbladder or duct dysfunction causing headaches and/or shoulder pain
  • Kidney fixations causing low back pain
  • Whiplash or neck injury causing thyroid dysfunction
  • Lung adhesions causing neck pain
  • Adhesions around the heart causing back and neck pain or irregular heart beats

Because the body is a whole and there are innumerable interconnections, the above are just some common examples, but any lesion can cause any number of symptoms.