Manual Therapy

Visceral Manipulation (VM) is a gentle and effective form of body work for assessing and treating tissues not commonly addressed through other means. Using subtle palpation and “listening” techniques the therapist finds and releases abnormal lines of tension anywhere in the body that are causing the most imbalance. Almost any tissue can be treated including: organs, their capsules and ligaments, bone, connective tissue, nerves and nervous tissue, even vascular tissue. This wonderful form of body work is wholistic in its approach and helps to re-align the body from the inside-out.

Dr. Tanya uses VM techniques to perform an in-dept physical exam that helps determine how organs and glands are functioning and whether food sensitivities may be an issue. This hands-on approach can help restore normal movement and function to organs and glands that might be suffering from malposition, impingements or reduced blood and lymphatic flow.

Did you know that all your organs are suspended from your spine, ribs or pelvic bones? If these suspensory ligaments have abnormal tension it not only affects the organ’s position and function, it also pulls the bones out of proper alignment.

The treatment starts with an assessment of the tissue causing the most imbalance. During the initial consultation and physical exam, a more in-depth assessment will be performed checking the major organs and glands to provide a health overview. Up to three corrections can be made in a single visit and clients can return for additional corrections in two weeks.

Conditions that can respond well to VM include (but not limited to):
Digestive issues
Weight concerns
Pain and discomfort of unknown origin
Pain and discomfort after traumas
Hip & back pain